Why so petty Starbucks?  

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Visited Tanah Rata after a long time. Early morning only the mamak shop and Starbucks is open so I chose Starbucks. Pretty empty compared last time I visited around the morning. Probably it's the off peak season. Nice to have the whole place to myself.

Starbucks main feature beside their coffee is their WiFi. But their "free WiFi" is now password protected. Fair enough, they don't want free loaders who steal WiFi.

One pin number is given in each Starbucks receipt meaning one device use only.

No sharing !!

Quite disappointing if you are there with more than one person.

Internet speeds? Starbucks Cameron Highlands still a little backwards with their internet. 1Mbps?? Probably a year ago it's ok.

My nasi lemak stall in Shah Alam is still 10x faster.. :(

Ok to be fair, Unifi is not yet here but old Streamyx is available in 4Mbps. Time to upgrade.

Asked for their members card and it's now RM 20 to get one. I got one last time for free after buying some coffee.

One of the selling point for Starbucks for me is their friendly atmosphere and comfortable chairs I can 'lepak' with my tablet and notebook. 

The 'pettyness' vibe I am now getting from this place does not jive well with the old Starbucks I used to know.

I guess it's the mamak shop instead of Starbucks next time ...

(p/s: mamak shop wifi is also protected but once you get it, no limit in devices can access it)

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